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Opening hours and age groups:

KISH Nursery is open 8am – 1pm term times only.

Bring time: 8 - 8.30am

Pick up time: 12.30am - 1pm

Children aged 2-3 can attend flexible days with a minimum of 2 days/week.
Children aged 3-5 attend 5 days/week.

KISH Nursery is part of the directory of Provider and therefore children aged 3-4 years are eligible for the Early Education Funding.
2 year old funding has to be organized by the local Children’s center.

Fees and application:

Fees are payable on a monthly basis 12 months/year. EEF will be deducted from the monthly invoices.

2-3 year olds: 3-5 year olds:
2 days/week: £215/month
3 days/week: £320/month
4 days/week: £426/month
5 days/week: £500/month
5 days/week: £500/month